Whatsapp Rules

Points to consider for our customers using our Chat integration: We provide support to our customers within the framework of rules set by the WhatsApp API. If you would like to review the current WhatsApp rules, you can access them at the following link: WhatsApp Messaging Limits. If you would like to review Twilio’s pricing,… Continue reading Whatsapp Rules


Add a conversation on the Chat page Open the Chat page from the main menu. Click on the button located at the top right corner of the conversation screen. On the options that appear, choose Select Patient or Create Conversation. Select Patient Select a person from your registered patients to start a conversation with. Choose… Continue reading Chat

Ads Automation

LEADS   Open the Ads Automation -> Leads page from the main menu. You can view your incoming leads on this page. To assign your lead to a group, select your choice from the column labeled Lead Group. To assign your lead to a seller, select your choice from the column labeled Lead Assignment. Facebook… Continue reading Ads Automation


 Open the Chat page from the main menu.  Select the conversation of the patient you want to have a video call with.  Click the button located in the upper right corner of the conversation screen.  In the options that appear, click on Start instant meeting or Schedule a meeting. Starting an Instant Meeting    When… Continue reading VIDEO CALL

How to Register a Patient?

Your customers are the patients that you can make sales to and manage the entire process through the system, both before and after the sale. Definitions: The basic information section requires the patient’s first and last name. At least one of the phone and email address fields is required. Language: all documents you send will… Continue reading How to Register a Patient?

Creating an Offer

The Offer section is where you can prepare price quotes to send to your customers. You can create quotes for treatments, hotels, transfers, and additional products, and export these quotes as PDFs or send them directly from the system.   Definitions: Choose a Patient: This is the field where you select the customer for whom… Continue reading Creating an Offer

How to Add a Product?

Contents   Adding Surgery Adding Hotel Adding Transfer Adding Other Products   Adding Surgery:   Firstly, you need to add a hospital from the Partners -> Hospitals section for surgery sales. Then, you should add a doctor by clicking the Add button on the Users page. If you are not making a sale specific to… Continue reading How to Add a Product?

Adding a User

Users -> Click on the Users menu. Click on the Add User button in the top right corner. First, define the user’s name, email address (to be used for system login), phone number, and password. Then select the user’s role within the system. If you want to include our user in any group, you can… Continue reading Adding a User

User Roles

Admin: A user with full access to the system. System administrators can define top-level company officials as admins. Moderator: A lower-level authority under the admin. While they have access to almost all areas, there are a few restrictions on some different areas. Accounting: This user can access screens such as the approved treatment plan, invoices,… Continue reading User Roles

User Groups

With user groups, you can group your entire team to ensure smoother operations. Let’s take a look at how user groups can be used through example scenarios; Let’s assume you have two sales teams working simultaneously. One sales team will deal with English-speaking customers, while the other team will deal with Arabic-speaking customers. You created… Continue reading User Groups

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