Frequently Asked Questions

MetoCRM is a customer management system developed for medical tourism companies, prepared in line with the demands of medical tourism companies. Medical tourism software, also called health tourism software or medical tourism crm, allows you to manage your relations with the customers.

With the medical tourism CRM, you can keep all your data securely, limit your employees' access to data according to their authorization. Easily track all changes made in the system from LOG records. LOG section keep track of when a patient's information is deleted or accidentally changed. It will be one of the most important security tools for health tourism companies to see which employee edited from which IP address and exactly which text exacly edited.

Obtaining reports by filtering all your data as you wishi will greatly increase your success in making your commission calculation, advertising planning, and in retrospective patient calls and follow-up sales. For a medical tourism company that pay higher rates for a lead from advertisements, turning even 1 negative sales into a positive can brings great profitability in the long run.


Although there are many places where standard clinical management softwares meets the needs of medical tourism companies, some basic operational differences cannot be met by most clinic management softwares. When these changes are requested to be made in these type of softwares, many companies do not make these main structure changes due to the R&D process.

Since these differences are actually very built in to core of medical tourism operations, they chose not to build software from the ground up.

Due to the high advertising cost of acquiring data in the medical tourism sector, many companies do not prefer to entrust their data to a software that receives monthly payments and database is always accessible to the software company.

Considering these conditions, the choice that can be made outside of using MetoCRM as a medical tourism crm is only to ensure that old-fashioned desktop programs are trying to be updated and executed even if they do not meet the needs. Also some companies are trying to create a database with programs such as Excel which is of course worst option.

Because almost all of the other new generation software options work with a monthly rental model.

Since desktop programs, which were once a trend, bring great burden in today's conditions, many institutions are switching all their managements to cloud-based online CRMs, ERPs, and software that can be continuously controlled from anywhere. Data entry or reporting activities can made even from the mobile devices with ease. Our medical tourism software, MetoCRM on the other hand, cloud-based customer management system due to the structure of medical tourism companies. We know operations can be sold jointly with many different companies, personnel who could work from different parts of the world. Thats why system can be accessible from all over the world and all type of devices.

MetoCRM is a software specially designed as a medical tourism CRM. This software, which was developed in 2019. Has made improvements according to the indispensable demands of its customers with each new sale over the years, and even at the very beginning. It coded from scratch, taking into account all the transaction processes of a medical tourism company.

Since storing data in Excel and similar programs is basically completely unsafe, it is never a recommended data storage method. It could use as a short-term reports etc. Although it is an excellent program for the preparation of documents, excel is a software where there are almost no authorization restrictions, except for 2 authorization classes such as editing and not being able to edit, everyone shares almost the same authorizations. Someone with editing authority can always change a line or letter by mistake, and these unnoticed changes are irreversible. Since there is no LOG records, it cannot be measured clearly who edited which column. Even your rookie employee, who started at your medical tourism company 1 day ago, sees all patients important data such as phone number, e-mail, passport picture, etc. They can download this data any time without asking. Because of this reasons and dozens of reasons we can derive, we can say that it is not even possible to compare medical tourism software with package programs such as Excel.

MetoCRM software, which is planned to be operated in line with sectoral demands, is one of the medical softwares prepared by Stark Code Zone.