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Medical Tourism CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software

MetoCRM is a medical tourism CRM that has been prepared in line with the demands of medical tourism companies and continues to be developed with new demands for years. Its main purpose is to follow up with the patients during and after the sales process and to reach all the necessary reports with a few clicks. In addition, it prevents many frequently encountered problems by automating many processes according to the functioning of the tourism sector. Medical tourism software gives you flexibility and security at best. Here are some features we offer. You can get our documentation and a detailed list of features from the demo request.


Get Rid Of Security Vulnerabilities

Your patient data is safe with Meto CRM. We keep all your data confidential after the date of surgery and only ensure that it is brought back as needed, so we both protect your patients’ data and hide your company performance data from people you do not want to reach them.



Get Custom Medical Tourism Reports with Just One Click.

You can get crucial statistical reports such as sales, marketing performance, advertising reports with filters such as hospital, doctor etc.



Now Your Customers have an Online Customer Panel !

Your customers can see their informations such as transportation, transfer, hotel, and payment details. They can fill out forms such as medical forms, and questionnaires on their online panel before they arrive at your operation destination.



Access amazing features with MetoCRM Pro

Grow your business with MetoCRM PRO. You can start using your own servers, request customizations, and white label options are just a couple of PRO features on a long list of extra features. Do not stay behind while your business grows with features such as advanced reporting and automation modules.


Whatsapp – Facebook Messanger – Instagram DM and more…

All Sales Channels in One Place

You can reply to messages from all your sales channels via MetoCRM. You can categorize the patients you talk to according to their source, and in this way, you can get detailed performance and success statistics.


Access MetoCRM from Anywhere

From Computer to Phone, 100% MetoCRM on All Your Devices

You can easily use Meto CRM from your computer, tablet and phone, and you can perform your transactions from all your devices, regardless of screen size or location.


Automation Services

Follow-up Automations

With the automatic follow-up system, MetoCRM can track your patients before and after the operation without any interruption. Do not leave it to chance to get reference sales and good comments from your patients.


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