Medical Tourism CRM

Are you interested in controlling every aspect of your medical tourism business? We figured out some shortcuts for your business that you could find very interesting.


Medical Tourism CRM

( Customer Relationship Management Software )

MetoCRM is a medical tourism CRM that has been prepared in line with the demands of medical tourism companies and continues to be developed with new demands for years. Its main purpose is to follow up with the patients during and after the sales process and to reach all the necessary reports with a few clicks. In addition, it prevents many frequently encountered problems by automating many processes according to the functioning of the tourism sector.

Why Use Meto CRM

Medical tourism software gives you flexibility and security at best. Here are some features we offer. You can get our documentation and a detailed list of features from the demo request.

Get Rid of Excel Files

Get rid of your patient records, which consist of different excel files and different programs. You will see how easy it is to be able to access the data you want at all times.

Get Rid of Security Vulnerabilities

Present your valuable patient data to your employees with limits and always have LOG records of all changes made about a patient.

Generate Reports in with a Few Clicks

Obtain customized reports in a few clicks by filtering all patient data. You can filter by surgery details and transaction details, clinic details, hotel details, etc.You will be surprised how much-specified data you get with just a couple of clicks.


From all over the world you and your team can access the system without any installation. Whether they are working in the office or remotely, it should not be an extra struggle for your team to get business done wherever they are. In addition, you will be very pleased with the ease of work provided by being able to work even from a cellphone.

Automation Opportunities

Automate all the documents you need to send to your patients before and after the operations. Thus, do not lose patients due to the lack of follow-up mails, which is the most important part of patient conversion with reference.

Patient Panel

Let your patients fill in important information such as the medical form themselves. The forms will fall on your panel and you can either print out the documents or keep them in your database in a digitally approved format.With this feature and automation that build into the system, you will be asking for important documents automatically when a patient is registered in the system.

Patient Registration and Treatment Plans

  • Assign a single or more treatments to the patient.
  • Assign operations to the doctors and hospitals.
  • Prepare offers in different currencies than the system rate. The system can automatically convert and calculate payments to that day’s exchange rate.
  • Add agencies, and referrals to the system for commission calculation.
  • Hospitals and doctors can automatically see the operations assigned to them by logging in with the user information you provide.
  • Enter dates such as arrival date, departure date, and hotel booking dates, and send the list of the patients who will be arriving on the selected day to the relevant service providers such as hotel administrators or transfer managers.
  • Add important patient documents such as flight tickets and passport images to the patient file. With a few clicks, all documents you want will be accessible.
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Smart Calendar

  • All the approved operations are on a single screen, filtered monthly, weekly and daily.

  • All operations will be colored according to the hospital where the operation will be performed.

  • Special days and holidays can be disabled from the system and operations cannot be added on that date.
  • When there is a mistake, with one click you can go to the relevant treatment plan and edit.
  • The entire calendar screen is mobile compatible, so you will be able to see the flow of operations of your company easily even from a cell phone.

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