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Health Tourism CRM

Medical Tourism CRM

Are you planning to control the entire operation of your health tourism company? The health tourism software you need is MetoCRM. It is a health tourism progrWam prepared in line with the demands of health tourism companies.

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What Medical Tourism CRM Does ?

If your company works with Meto CRM, what happens?

All Communication Channels in & One Single Panel

You can add all data from your sales channels to the system. You can classify the data you add according to its source and get detailed performance statistics.

Get Special Reports for Medical Tourism with & Just One Click

You can report and export various statistics such as sales, marketing performance, advertising performance, hospital, and doctor-based reports.

Protect against security & vulnerabilities

Your patient data is safe with Meto CRM. We conceal all data post-surgery date, ensuring privacy and allowing retrieval only as needed. This way, we protect both your patients' data and your company's performance data from unauthorized access.

Medical Tourism CRM - Health Tourism CRM


MetoCRM is a medical tourism CRM that has been prepared in line with the demands of medical tourism companies and continues to be developed with new demands for years. Its main purpose is to follow up with the patients during and after the sales process and to reach all the necessary reports with a few clicks. In addition, it prevents many frequently encountered problems by automating many processes according to the functioning of the tourism sector. Medical tourism software gives you flexibility and security at best. Here are some features we offer. You can get our documentation and a detailed list of features from the demo request.

Why should Health Tourism Companies Choose MetoCRM ?


With the medical tourism CRM, you can keep all your data securely, limit your employees access to data according to their authorization. Easily track all changes made in the system from LOG records. LOG section keep track of when a patient’s information is deleted or accidentally changed. It will be one of the most important security tools for health tourism companies to see which employee edited from which IP address and exactly which text exacly edited.


Our CRM solution for you

Job Task Allocation

You can assign your team members, who work in different positions within the company, suitable roles within the system, allowing them to work in their desired areas.


You can transfer the information received from the customer during the chat conversation to the doctor on the same screen.

Dental Module

Patients can send intraoral photos for dental treatment, and you can select the teeth to be treated visually within the quotation system.


You can track your patients through the system as you wish and ensure that your team's satisfaction rate increases.

Call Center

To elevate your patient relationships and business quality, let your entire team follow the professional switchboard service.


You can enter all the services you offer to your patients into the system as products and provide price variations wherever you want.


You can obtain advanced performance and financial reports within the system, including advertising, sales, lead, message, and call reports.


You can prepare and send special offers to your patients instantly within the system.

Lead Automation

You can enable automatic distribution of potential customers (leads) from the advertising forms you have connected to the system to relevant groups.

Video Call

You can have the opportunity to have video calls and make sales with your customers within the system, and you can use this module to increase customer satisfaction and trust through face-to-face communication.


Your partner hotels, transfer companies, hospitals, or clinics with whom you have agreements can monitor their operations live, view them with limited access on their screens, and receive instant notifications about any changes made.

Operation Management

When your prepared offers are approved, they are automatically added to the operation lists, ensuring that there are no disruptions during the operation.



You can separate and direct conversations to the language group chosen when creating the customer.


You can view and monitor all your conversations in real-time on a single screen.


You can send your predefined messages or presentations ready-made.


You can use your chat panel with all its features on the mobile application as well.

Group Meeting

You can add another department to the conversation or transfer the call if necessary during communication with the customer. The transferred personnel can read all previous conversations.

Call Center

Optimize your customer support and sales processes with MetoCRM's Call Center Module.

Integrate voice calls, WhatsApp chats, Instagram DMs, and Facebook Messenger seamlessly to provide a unified customer experience.

Record your call center performance with the option for voice recording, analyze it, and improve it.

We ensure data privacy within the system through data masking. Selected patient information is inaccessible to user groups assigned to specific roles, preventing external data leaks and ensuring customer data security.

We manage more than 30000+ Patients Yearly
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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers!

MetoCRM is a customer management system specifically designed for health tourism companies, prepared in line with the demands of health tourism firms. Health tourism software, also known as health tourism CRM, enables the management of relationships with customers.

With health tourism CRM, you can securely store all your data and limit access to data based on your employees' authorization levels. The system allows easy tracking of all changes made through LOG records. The LOG section tracks when a patient's information was deleted or mistakenly altered. Knowing which employee made edits from which IP address and precisely what content was edited becomes one of the most important security tools for health tourism companies.

While standard clinic management software meets many needs of health tourism companies, there are often fundamental operational differences that cannot be addressed by most clinic management software. Making these core changes is often avoided by many companies due to the research and development process.

Desktop programs, once a trend, have become burdensome in today's conditions. Many organizations are transitioning to cloud-based online CRMs and ERPs, allowing continuous control from anywhere, enabling data entry and reporting even from mobile devices. The health tourism sector, with its dynamic and mobile operational processes involving collaborations with various companies and personnel working from different parts of the world, certainly requires a cloud-based customer management system.

MetoCRM is a software specially designed as a health tourism CRM. Developed in 2019, the software has undergone improvements over the years, aligning with the indispensable demands of its customers from the very beginning and with each new sale. It has been coded from scratch, considering all the operational processes of a health tourism company.

Storing data in Excel and similar tools is fundamentally insecure and is never recommended as a data storage method. While Excel is excellent for short-term reports and document preparation, it lacks proper authorization restrictions. With only two permission classes, edit and non-edit, anyone with editing rights can easily make unnoticed changes that are irreversible. The absence of any log records makes it impossible to measure which column was edited by whom. Comparing health tourism software with package programs like Excel is not even possible due to the numerous reasons and risks involved, such as any new employee having access to all data immediately upon starting their job.

MetoCRM, a health tourism software prepared in accordance with sectoral demands, is one of the health sector software solutions developed by Stark Code Zone, a software company that operates in Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Meto Software Inc., actively continuing its developments, has offices in both Manisa Technopark and Izmir.