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Manage your sales and operations in one place. Connect every one to one place and use new method of cominications.

Additional Apps

 These apps can be connected through the MetoCRM marketplace. App charges may vary depending on your account type or your package, among other factors. For example, making an annual payment for MetoCRM package will result in extra discounts on every user or app purchase without exception. 
(Please note that third-party apps may incur additional charges on their respective platforms.)

Free Apps

These apps are totally free and included in your package.  Only additional apps will charged extra. ( 3rd party apps may have extra charges on their site. )

Patient Tracking

You can maintain healthy and strong communication by regularly tracking your customers.


Patient Category

By categorizing your communications with customers, you can get ahead faster.


Patient Card

It is the area that covers all information related to your customer.


Patient Tag

It is another tool that helps you differentiate your customers.


You can transfer the information received from the customer during the chat conversation to the doctor on the same screen.

Dental Module

Patients can send intraoral photos for dental treatment, and you can select the teeth to be treated visually within the quotation system.


You can track your patients through the system as you wish and ensure that your team's satisfaction rate increases.


Your partner hotels, transfer companies, hospitals, or clinics with whom you have agreements can monitor their operations live, view them with limited access on their screens, and receive instant notifications about any changes made.

Treatment List

MetoCRM's treatment list feature organizes health tourism firms' services efficiently, aiding in clear presentation and easy access to treatment options for clients.

Hotel List

MetoCRM's hotel list feature simplifies the process of finding and booking accommodations for health tourism clients, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Transfer List

MetoCRM's transfer list feature provides health tourism firms with a comprehensive list of transfer options, facilitating smooth transportation arrangements for clients.

Sales Reports

View your sales data within the system in high-performance reports.


CRM Message Report

The system presents all your messaging activities in report form, allowing you to view your data with specific details, either user-based or based on the communication platform.


Lead Reports

View all actions taken on leads within the system by your team and company in high-performance reports.


Call Report

Through the integration of your phone system with the CRM system, it provides data related to your calls.


Call PBX Report

Through the integration of your phone system with the CRM system, it provides data related to your calls.


Offers Design Module

You can customize the offers you prepare for your customers to suit your company's needs.


Batch Data Upload

You can upload your data in bulk into the system.


File Upload

You can upload a file or document related to your customers to the relevant area on the customer card.